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CBD vs THC What’s the difference? | Plus CBD Oil

Hemp and medical cannabis – what’s the difference?

Because hemp and medical cannabis both come from the same species, Cannabis Sativa L., there is often some confusion on the differences between them. The compound causing this confusion, THC, is also what defines the different varieties. In order to be defined as hemp, the cannabis plant must contain only “trace amounts” of THC, specifically less than 0.3%. Cannabis plants that are over this threshold are considered medical cannabis.

But why is this the case? Many compounds in food products and natural products have government regulations on the amounts required to be listed on a label. If the amount in any product is lower than the government requirement, this is considered a “trace amount” and is often listed as “0%”. For example, a product labeled, “sugar-free” or “decaf”, may still contain trace amounts of sugar or caffeine. So, what does “0%” actually mean? Learn more in our latest animated video!

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