PlusCBD™ Oil responds to Health Ranger Article on CBD and the FDA

Plus CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com) works tirelessly to deliver only the highest quality CBD that is sourced from agricultural hemp. The existence of other companies that produce and market lower quality CBD supplements is a challenge to Plus CBD Oil, as these companies often run into trouble with the FDA. This occurs when they make claims they can not support, or when their products’ contents do not match their labels. As is the case in many industries, there is a range of quality among the companies and products being marketed and sold in the burgeoning CBD industry.

Health Ranger, a prolific blogger at Natural News (http://naturalnews.com), recently published an article on CBD and the FDA which received a great deal of attention, garnering more than 21,000 shares in less than 24 hours. While much of his information is well-researched, the tone of the article is inflammatory, and those people and organizations who are stakeholders in the CBD industry were clearly alarmed by the Health Ranger’s choice of words. He has since corrected the article, and clarified his points. Plus CBD Oil doesn’t necessarily subscribe to his point of view, and does not share his opinion on the role of the FDA with regard to CBD.

Plus CBD Oil takes exception to the Health Ranger’s premise that the FDA is attempting to regulate CBD out of compliance with existing FDA and DSHEA laws. It is our opinion that, in order to be successful, the CBD industry must comply with existing laws, and must be treated like every other serious player in the larger market of nutritional supplements. Plus CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com) prides itself on its ability to deliver a quality product within the regulatory scope of the FDA and the larger set of laws and regulations that govern the United States.

One good example of this fact can be found in a Forbes Magazine article, where Sarah Syed, Director of Marketing at Plus CBD Oil, responds to FDA spokesperson Michael Fellerbaum: “It is our opinion which is broadly shared by the marketplace, that CBD has been marketed as a dietary supplement prior to commencement and public notice of any substantial clinical investigations instituted on CBD..” In the article, Fellerbaum notes that companies should feel free to present their point of view, and supporting documentation, to the FDA.

The FDA is not attacking the CBD Industry. It is setting a high standard, and in doing so, it is protecting American consumers. Companies that produce and market CBD must rise to the challenge and earn their right to participate in the rapidly growing CBD industry.

Visit pluscbdoil.com/products to try CBD that adheres to FDA regulations. Try it for yourself and arrive at your own conclusion.

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