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CBD & Sleep: Why and how it works

Curious about cannabinoids and sleep? So is everyone else who is looking to add some Zen to their zzz’s. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, ,more than one-third of adults have expressed that their daytime sleepiness has often interfered with their work and social lifeIf you are getting as few as 4-6 hours of sleep a night, your critical thinking skills can become impaired and you may become more susceptible to illness. Even getting one less hour than you normally do can really throw your day off balance. 

The solution is simple: get more sleepBut we all know that this is easier said than done. We’ve all been there, tossing and turning, making every effort to fall asleep. For a better night’s rest, dive into the science of sleep and try one of these life-hacks. Hint: it involves hemp CBD. 

First tip: Take naps. 

Naps are a great way of getting more sleep on days where hitting the snooze button isn’t an option. It is rumored that Napoleon Bonaparte never slept through the night but took short naps throughout the day. Studies have supported that naps can be just as beneficial as nighttime sleep and can help you re-energize. 

Second tip: Try hemp CBD oil. 

If you’re not a nap person, or still can’t get a good night’s sleep, hemp CBD can help regulate sleep-wake cycles for better sleep quality. A recent study found that hemp CBD products like PlusCBD™ Oil Gold Formula Softgels can increase total sleep time (so you can catch more zzz’s) and improve overall sleep quality. 

Third tip: The Zeitgebers! 

Lastly, create a healthy daily routine with hemp CBD to help prepare you for a restful sleep. Our sleep patterns follow a circadian rhythm, which is a 24-hour physiological process that can be influenced by external cues that act as markers of time. Also known as zeitgebers,” these markers can be things like sunlight, alarm clocks, temperature changes, regular workouts, clocking-in and out of workEven the time you take your supplements and eat meals can influence your circadian rhythm. You might be the type of person that needs CBD earlier in the day to prepare for a good night’s rest, or for some it might work better taking it right before bedtime. Find a daily routine that works for you to balance your circadian rhythm with hemp CBD oil. 

Keep in mind that each of us has our own circadian rhythms that keep our work, social life, and personal health in balance. Your rhythm may be different on the weekend than it is during a work week. PlusCBD Oil products like our Total Plant Complex Sprays or our more concentrated products like our Gold Formula Softgels or Drops are common favorites for balancing sleep-wake cycles. It’s essential to experiment with forms you prefer in order to find the right product that will help make bedtime more restful. 

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