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CBD Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Together at Last!

CBD Oil is a nutritional supplement that supports the harmony that exists between the body and the mind, and is offered by PlusCBD™ Oil in a blend with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This is wonderful news for people who make EVOO a part of their daily health regimen, as they can ‘jump two puddles with one leap,’ by taking their CBD in a blend with another oil. Interestingly, both CBD oil and extra virgin olive oil have been beneficial to thousands of people who cite their own experience as proof enough that each has significant health benefits.


A quick search for ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits’ on Google reveals an enormous amount of information on the health benefits of high-quality EVOO. EVOO is known to be tremendously healthy for the skin and hair, and because it is so full of many nutrients, it supports mental agility, and plays a role in supporting the immune system. Some of these ideas are commonly attributed to CBD oil by people who have tried cannabidiol and have found that it works for them. Because so much has yet to be discovered about CBD oil, its many benefits have yet to unfold. It is advisable for people who are interested in CBD to take a closer look at it, to try it, and to decide for themselves if it is something that can work well for them.

CBD Oil is gaining popularity in the North American market, despite the fact that we have limitations on discussing what it can do for human health. Contrast this fact against the statements that are made about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and you’ll catch a glimpse of how it is that EVOO has become such a popular ingredient in the cooking of people who are focused upon their health.

PlusCBD™ Oil makes products with EVOO: CBD oil softgels, drops and our EVOO CBD spray. Each of these products comes backed by our Seed To Shelf™ Guarantee, so you can feel confident in the quality, purity and consistency of our family of CBD products.

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