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CBD Natural Health Benefits for You and the Planet

CBD is one of the top health and wellness trends of 2019. The source of so much buzz amongst people of various age groups and lifestyles, CBD oil has gained popularity due to its many amazing health benefits and advantages. Not to mention that hemp, the plant from which CBD is derived, is also good for the environment.

From improving your quality of life to helping curb those late-night snacking habits, hemp-derived CBD is an excellent addition to any environmentally conscious wellness routine. Don’t believe us? Keep reading and discover the top five CBD natural health benefits for yourself.

  1. Decrease Appetite

More and more research points to the endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) role in regulating appetite. Thus, it’s no surprise that CBD is being seen as an appetite-reduction solution for the role it plays in supporting a balanced and healthy ECS. According to a 2019 study, CBD helps decrease appetite by:

  • Increasing resting metabolic rate
  • Increasing feelings of satiety or fullness
  • Decreasing the rewarding feeling from eating sugary, fatty foods

And PlusCBDTM Oil is no different. In fact, a recent double-blind study resulted in a 6% reduction in appetite among overweight individuals after six weeks of taking PlusCBDTM Oil Gold Formula Softgels.

  1. Be Sustainable

CBD is harvested from the hemp plant, which is a renewable resource that grows quickly and is tolerant to most climates. But that’s not the only reason CBD is a highly sustainable product.

Almost every part of the hemp plant can be repurposed once the CBD is extracted. You can eat hemp seeds, weave cloth with hemp fibers, and make hemp concrete, which can be used as industrial material. Some scientists have even discovered a way to turn the hemp plant into biodiesel that could one day fuel your car.

Experts estimate there are over 25,000 uses for the different parts of the hemp plant today. And with further research being conducted, that number just keeps growing.

Hemp-derived CBD does very little harm to the planet—in fact, research shows it does the planet good! The hemp plant can be grown without the need for harmful pesticides. Meanwhile, it helps to reduce environmental levels of CO2 and even leaves beneficial nutrients behind after its been harvested, leaving the soil richer than it was before.

  1. Improve Sleep

Some studies suggest that CBD can help improve sleep-wake cycling. In fact, a 2019 study using PlusCBDTM Oil Gold Formula Softgels found that both the quantity and quality of sleep is improved after taking the PlusCBDTM Oil softgels for six weeks. Compared to placebo controls, participants experienced a 20% increase in both how much and how well they slept.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

CBD is healthy and non-psychotropic, meaning you won’t feel “high” as a side effect. Hemp is also highly nutritious, providing an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Though these fatty acids are necessary for human life, our bodies don’t produce enough of them naturally, so it’s best to supplement bodies with fatty acid-rich foods like hemp seeds.

From improving your diet to providing few adverse side effects, CBD can promote one’s health and well-being. It’s no wonder, then, that a study of PlusCBDTM Oil showed self-reports of pleasure from life improved significantly after using CBD oil for six weeks.

Additionally, researchers found absolutely no adverse effects in humans using CBD for six weeks. This study’s results suggest the safety and efficacy of a commercially available CBD product that supports a healthy, happy life.

  1. The Entourage Effect

In addition to these incredible health benefits, emerging evidence suggests that CBD provides even more benefits when combined with natural terpenoids and other phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Terpenoids are the natural oils hemp produces and they’re responsible for the plant’s distinct aroma. Phytocannabinoids, on the other hand, are the other naturally occurring, non-intoxicating molecules found in hemp. When added into CBD oil, terpenoids and phytocannabinoids work together making a Whole Plant or Full-Spectrum product, offering more support for one’s overall health and well-being.

For example, the phytocannabinoids, cannabigerol (CBG), and the terpenoid, linalool, exhibit the entourage effect with CBD. That means CBD + CBG or linalool may offer more health advantages combined than any of the three provide alone.

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